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Dale Steven Benson , Creative Originator, sent in this beautiful photograph of the breathtaking poppy fields in Lake Elsinore, California. It is such a great statement that Spring has arrived that it had to be included in this month’s blog. Thank you Dale Steven for sharing your amazing photo.

Dale Steven Benson, Creative Originator, sent in this beautiful photograph of the breathtaking poppy fields in Lake Elsinore, California. It is such a great statement that Spring has arrived that it had to be included in this month’s blog. Thank you Dale Steven for sharing your amazing photo.


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- Jen Julian, Partner and Producer at June Bug Productions- “Mr. Luna! How the heck are you? I wanted to quickly reach out and see if you would spread the word about mine and Holly’s new endeavor as I think it could be of real benefit to folks.  Especially, once they’ve taken your courses, they need to keep skills sharp!  Here’s a little info from an email I sent out earlier today”: 

Hi All! My producing partner, Holly Payberg and I have been thinking about the art of pitching. What a bane of existence it is for so many and how it’s often such a stumbling block for our fellow creatives. We know from our own experience how much our confidence level and careers changed once we finally stopped avoiding it and focused on mastering it, so we came up with the idea to help others do the same by creating “The Pitch Gym” and wanted to share with you. 

The Pitch Gym is a safe, but intentional, monthly workout space where people can come to finally master those essential two minute and 30 second pitches. In true gym fashion, it’s a place where you can come back as often as you like to get in shape for any new projects you have, or simply pop in to practice and get your confidence up before a big meeting. 

As coaches, Holly and I deliver a one/two punch, focusing on the content of the pitch as well as the delivery. In addition to being writer/producers ourselves, Holly comes from a background in development (Dir. of Development for Signature Pictures) and I have extensive experience in live performance as the unprecedented female lead for two of Eric Idle’s stage tours. Basically, we’ve learned how to craft a killer pitch and shine in delivering it (as evidenced by our latest claim to fame as two-time Pitch Conference champs at the American Film Market.)

In April, we will be doing a two part series for women in film on pitching (themselves first then project pitches), as well as leading a pitch workshop (also for women in film) for their finance intensive program to help people pitch their projects specifically to investors for financing.  

To be included in our mailing list for future workouts (don’t worry, we have no desire to spam anyone)  please send us a quick response back and we’ll add you.  And, if you know anyone else you think could benefit, please feel free to forward it on to them. 

We truly do not want pitching to be a hindrance to anyone wanting to get their ideas out there. It doesn’t have to be!!! 

See you at the gym!” ;) 

Jen (& Holly) 

Jennifer Julian, Partner/Producer 

June Bug Pictures

3900 W Alameda Ave.

Suite 1200

Burbank, CA

c: +1 (213) 925-5365  USA


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Tired of stumbling through answers to questions like: What do you do? What's your project about?

Wanna be able to deliver a knock-out pitch you actually enjoy sharing? Then get your butts to Jen & Holly's Pitch Gym, where you can expect:

• Crafting - A safe space to craft and hone the delivery of both a 30 sec and 2 min pitch.

• Coaching - Real-time coaching and support from two-time American Film Market pitch conference contest champs.

• Confidence - Delivery techniques to make you a bad ass at pitching anywhere, anytime.


PasadenaPhotographyArts- invites you to attend Open Show-Pasadena East LA #26 on April 11th, 2019 at 7:00 pm.


Zaydee Sanchez / Scott Barker - “Migrant Stories After the Caravan"

Sarah Marie Rooney / Sasha Dylan Bell - “Fear of Dreaming"

Reuben Esteban Reynoso - “Venus Underwater"

Viviana Martinez - “Adaptation"

 Armory Center for the Arts, 145 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Parking on the street meters (paid), or Adjacent city lots (first 90 minutes is free)

This event is FREE! Please RSVP 


Pasadena-East LA

Open Show-Pasadena East LA strengthens our photography community and brings together the public and artistic community in a discussion of photography.

Underwriters for Open Show #26 are Chris Kleine and Doug Westhoff

Sponsored and produced by PasadenaPhotographyArts 
A project of Fulcrum Arts / EMERGE Program.


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- Mauren Brodbeck, is “…a Swiss multi sensory artist and singer-songwriter, (who) uses visual and auditory elements to create startling reinterpretations of common objects and experiences.”

Podcast Launch!

“Dear Friends, To celebrate International Women's Day, I am very pleased to announce that today I am launching «ON DISPLAY», my new monthly podcast dedicated to a deeper exploration of the challenges faced by women artists while living their creative life.

«ON DISPLAY» features conversations with present-day women artists, focusing on how they maintain their artistic practices and creativity while also coping with the expectations of society, their families, workplaces, and the rest of the creative community. «ON DISPLAY» is devoted to discussing how identity, creative energy, and outside demands intersect and interplay in an artist’s quest to live a creative life.

“Through this podcast, I want to inspire and empower women who aspire to live a creative life by opening up a really honest conversation about the true nature of our creative force, our role as women in society, and our challenges, fears, successes and failures. The podcast is about our inspiration, our commitment, our learnings, sincerity, and openness.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 4.48.47 PM.png

«ON DISPLAY» is part of a larger art project, that I called «RAW AND RADICAL», and launched late last year for the purpose of promoting women artists and exploring the same themes of identity, inspiration, and artistic empowerment. «RAW AND RADICAL» incorporates a second podcast, «PRIVATE VIEW,» in which I intimately explore my personal experiences and challenges as a female artist, and an online community where podcast guests and listeners can connect, support one another, and share ideas and experiences.

My first guests are the wonderful Delphine Diallo and Eva Armisén.

To keep up to date with the latest news, please subscribe to the newsletter on the website :

To support the project, you can share the links below, buy one of the t-shirts in the shop or make a donation.”

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Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 8.26.00 PM.png

Follow us on social media:

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Good listening!”


Podcast «On Display» available on : Apple Podcasts Anchor Spotify Google Podcasts Overcast and more (see full list on the website)

Podcast «Private View» available on : Apple Podcasts Anchor Spotify Google Podcasts Overcast and more (see full list on the website)

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Andrea McCarthy- from AcademicKeys has once again generously submitted a list of job opportunities in the arts from around the world compiled by Academic Keys.

Admittedly the list included in this blog is an abbreviated listing to conserve space so you are encouraged to go to the complete listing at for more opportunities.

“Dear Professor Luna, This month's issue of AcademicKeys' e-Flier for Fine Arts features 30 faculty openings, 8 senior administrative positions, and 0 post-doc opportunities and links to hundreds more positions in higher education.”


Issue: Fine Arts Mar. 29th, 2019


This AcademicKeys e-Flier contains higher education positions in:

- Art - Photography

Become a fan of Academic Keys on Facebook! Click here:




NEW! - Senior Philanthropy Officer

Rhode Island School of Design

Institutional Engagement

Providence, RI, United States

Date Posted: Mar. 11, 2019


NEW! - Executive Search Consultant

Academic Keys

Executive Search

Storrs, CT, United States

Date Posted: Feb. 27, 2019


Dean, College of Human Sciences

Auburn University

College of Human Sciences

Auburn, AL, United States

Date Posted: Dec. 3, 2018




NEW! - Instructional Faculty - Motion Picture Special Eff...

Rochester Institute of Technology

School of Film and Animation

Rochester, NY, United States

Date Posted: Feb. 28, 2019


Design Lead

Rhode Island School of Design


Providence, RI, United States

Date Posted: Jan. 23, 2019


Instructional Faculty - Illustration, Foundation - Tenure...

Rochester Institute of Technology

School of Art

Rochester, NY, United States

Date Posted: Jan. 11, 2019


Assistant or Associate Professor of Photography

Rhode Island School of Design


Providence, RI, United States

Date Posted: Jan. 4, 2019


Assistant Professor of Editing/Postproduction

California State University, Long Beach

Film & Electronic Arts

Long Beach, CA, United States

Date Posted: Jan. 3, 2019


Assistant or Associate Professor of Photography

Rhode Island School of Design


Providence, RI, United States

Date Posted: Dec. 13, 2018


To view more academic jobs, visit:



Andrea McCarthy

Academic Keys, LLC

1066 Storrs Road, Suite D

Storrs, CT 06268


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