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- Robyn Young, Strategic Branding-Founder & Chief Creator
Creative Marketing Consultancy

A Year of Magic.

Reflecting on another successful year in business, I am beyond grateful for all that 2018 brought us. Just two years into this business and we’ve already acquired four walls to call our own, exciting new branding work, a brand-spanking-new-website,, new services, tons of speaking gigs, and most recently the opportunity to lead a branding workshop for a Fortune 500 company.

Now, we’re jumping into 2019 with full force!

Our Work.

We’ve created some phenomenal work this year across multiple industries, From strategy for fashion brands like ViX by Paula Hermanny and Sotela, to full brand design for purpose-driven kids brand For Purpose Kids, men’s luxury watch company Declan James, and cosmetics line Rosie & Tulip.


In addition to our work with the agency, I’ve had the pleasure of leading some enterprise workshops, panels, and keynotes for the likes of Google, OCPRSA and General Assembly. If your company is looking for an interactive experience to build internal brand culture, reach out to us!


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We’re Hiring.

Want to join our team an help us find incredible companies that want to work with us?

We’re seeking a part-time Sales/Account Coordinator to join our team. Hours are flexible.

Visit our job page to apply,

Mailing address: Robyn Young & Company

600 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500

Los Angeles, CA 90017, US


Marcy Craig flanked by Sol Ochoa left and Amy Gaskin on the right

Marcy Craig flanked by Sol Ochoa left and Amy Gaskin on the right

- Marcy Craig- Wardrobe Stylist, Textile Aficionado - “…I’m working on the second season of Strange Angel, the fascinating story of Jack Parsons, the visionary man who made a pact with the devil and invented rocket science and the Jet Propulsion Lab, in Pasadena, CA. We’re shooting on the Paramount lot this season, and the show is depicted during in the wars years, 1942-1945. I am currently supervising the start of the prep, until the regular supervisor finishes her current project and takes over from me. I then will be in charge of the workroom, where we be making all of the original costumes for the cast. Our workroom is in the Edith Head building, which is where Edith worked for so many decades, before she too, was fired and let go. The win at this point in my career is I am doing the same job Edith did, in the same building. How great is that? I get to “work” in her shade!!!

Happy New Year, my friend. I hope 2019 includes a visit with you!



From the advertising material, featuring an industrial/firefighting helicopter pilot, announcing Gail Mooney’s lecture

From the advertising material, featuring an industrial/firefighting helicopter pilot, announcing Gail Mooney’s lecture

- Gail Mooney, Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker- (From the press release announcing Gail’s lecture on publishing a book, having a photography exhibit, or making of a video series:)

Gail delivered this lecture on Wednesday, January 16 at the B&H Event Space, B&H NYC SuperStore, New York City

(Editor’s note: Below is from the announcement of the event.)

An inspirational look behind the making of a video series.

Do you have an idea? Perhaps you want to publish your book, or have a photography exhibit, or even make a film?

Gail Mooney has done all three, and her presentation may help you turn your idea into a reality! She will take you behind the scenes of her current personal project, entitled Like A Woman. It’s a video series about women who are working in traditionally male-dominated professions. It’s a subject she is familiar with, after spending a lifetime as a female photographer and later filmmaker in a predominately male environment.

To date, she has created ten videos for this series, which include subjects such as a female race car driver, an industrial/firefighting helicopter pilot, an auto mechanic and a blimp pilot for Goodyear to name a few.

Gail’s Goal: Create videos that shine a light on the accomplishments of these women in addition to the challenges they faced as they bucked the odds and followed their passions. Her intent is to change the consciousness of our culture and to inspire, empower and motivate other women to pursue their dreams.



- Michael Stern, Photographer, Filmmaker- ““I was hired to document the process of rebuilding one of a 100 Faux Bois trees at the Huntington Library. It was supposed to be a scholarly reference document only. Very dry. Somehow we agreed on a 3 minute time-lapse of the process. (my usual schtick). Second day of filming the director came out to give us a best wishes and to make sure I was going to do video of the actual sculpting process so people could see how painstaking the process is. So much for the 3 minute time-lapse! The whole project got turned on its’ head at that moment.

Long story short, we ended up doing a short, arty documentary with sound, time-lapse and live action video. The 6 week shoot extended to 7 months and a 4 week edit went to 11 months. (off and on of course) I’m thankful the budget grew accordingly.

See you soon!”


Michael E. Stern


Here is the link to the film:

Think like an artist. Shoot like a director. Edit like a storyteller.



- Douglas Hill- Photographer-

PasadenaPhotographyArts FORUM

Douglas Hill “Shooting Architecture”

Drawing from the class has taught at UCLA for the past 25 years and workshops led with fellow photographer Martin Cox, Doug will be showing and telling about the role of architect in the history of fine art and commercial photography, including the work of many well-known photographers as well as his own work. In the words of George Eliot: “It’s never too late to be the person you might have been.”

This is a free event.

Click on the Link to RSVP on Eventbrite:


Armory Center for the Arts

145 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103


Parking on the street meters (paid) or Adjacent city lots (first 90 minutes is free)


Sponsored and produced by PasadenaPhotographyArts. A project of Fulcrum Arts / EMERGE Program.

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