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Harvey and John Chua on the far right with photography students.  We are grateful to you both for your inspiration, dedication, and passion...

Harvey and John Chua on the far right with photography students.

We are grateful to you both for your inspiration, dedication, and passion...

- Regarding John Chua and Harvey Chua- It is with great sadness that I relay the news that renowned photographer John Chua has passed away. He has not only inspired talented young photographers in his home country of the Philippines but he instituted many advocacy groups which, among others, serve children with special needs and persons with disabilities, indigenous people, and people yearning to follow their passion. John, you will be dearly missed but never forgotten. His loving wife and business partner needs our support through these tough times. We must remember to celebrate his accomplishments by reaching out, in our own unique ways, to help others each and every day…

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- Our ArtCenter Spring term SchmoozeFest was held Thursday, January 11 and it brought together an amazing group of talented individuals eager to share their latest accomplishments. The next SchmoozeFest is scheduled for Thursday, May 10 so mark it down on your calendar and prepare for great presentations and fruitful networking!…

- Sal Ochoa, Photographer. Sal let us know of his work, together with ace photographer Tony Di Zinno, as they photographed and videoed singing legend Sting in collaboration with Shaggy for a special project in Jamaica. Read all about this amazing project by clicking on the Rolling Stone magazine link included in this blog…

- Marina Diaz, Artist sends a big hello! and announces that “I am making art and inspirations tutorials on Patreon.” Patreon is a crowd funding site that will help her to “fund her dreams and goals.” As an artist and art instructor Marina is always eager to help aspiring artists to enhance their skills. Read on to find out how you can be mutually beneficial and make the world a better place though art…

- Ailene Michel lets us know that she is looking for a skilled “painting teacher who can come to our Porter Ranch classroom 2-4 times a month to teach a 2-1/2 to 3 hour class in Porter Ranch.” Sounds like a great opportunity…

- Holly Peters announces that Pasadena Photography Arts will present “a lively presentation from photographer Charles Edwards as we explore the artistic symbols and meanings found in film and television.” It will be presented on Thursday, February 8, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, at the Armory Center for the Arts, 45 North Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103. To RSVP click on the Tony Luna Creative- Update blog…

- Dana Walker, Managing Director of ArtCenter at Night/Public Programs informed us that there was an error in the announcement in the last blog regarding a new Game Design Track offered through the ArtCenter undergraduate program. We apologize for the error…

- Andrea McCarthy from Academic Keys once again generously sent in a list of new job opportunities in fine arts higher education. The list noted in our blog is an edited list and more opportunities are available by contacting Andrea McCarthy directly at, …



John and Harvey Chua with Tony Luna during a visit to Art Center in 2010.

John and Harvey Chua with Tony Luna during a visit to Art Center in 2010.

- John Chua and Harvey Chua-

(The following is an excerpt from the article by reporter Jhesset O. Enano on the life of beloved photographer John Chua:
One of the country’s leading figures in photography, Chua passed away on Jan. 6 after a long battle with colon cancer. His ashes were interred at Heritage Memorial Park. He was 69. A self-taught photographer whose career spanned over four decades, Chua was considered a pillar in different genres of photography, including advertising, industrial and aerial work, and earned the moniker ‘Magic Eye.’”

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Mrs. Harvey Chua wrote the following: ‘Thank you. We’re continuing to be showered with love from so many people who loved John.

We will continue to do his advocacies, and put up exhibits of his photos - on the Ifugaos and the famed Banaue Rice Terraces, his aerial photos plus photos of his cross-country ultralight flight, his advertising works, and of activities he did for special children and persons with disabilities.

As a self-taught photographer (he only finished high school), he was very impressed with your school. He appreciated the help that you extended to me when I started teaching “Business of Photography,” and “Marketing Strategies for Photographers…”

G-nie, our photographer who has been with us for 25 years, will continue with Adphoto. I hope to continue sending updates on Adphoto and G-nie’s works. I hope to continue receiving updates from you.

Best regards,”

Harvey V. Chua
Adphoto, Inc.
3688 Bautista Street, Palanan, Makati City 1235 Philippines
Office Tel. (63 2) 8316117


SchmoozeFest- Spring 2018

Spring SchmoozeFest, January 10, 2018 at Art Center at Night/Public Progams

Spring SchmoozeFest, January 10, 2018 at Art Center at Night/Public Progams

IMG_5974 2.jpg
IMG_5984 2.jpg

Our SchmoozeFest for the ArtCenter at Night Spring term was held January 11 at the ArtCenter South Campus (950 South Raymond Ave, Pasadena building) from 6:30 to 9:30. Some amazing presentations were given by attendees and the presentations were followed by a networking session. You are encouraged to attend these events which are held three times each year on the Thursday before each new ArtCenter term. Stay tuned to this blog for further announcements regarding precise dates and be ready to share your latest accomplishments while meeting some very talented creatives!


Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.21.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.21.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.22.22 PM.png

- Sal Ochoa, Photographer- 'Good Morning Tony, It was great seeing you at the Schmooze Fest.
To give you a bit of a follow up of the Sting + Shaggy collaboration, please take a look at the following Rolling Stone link:

Thanks for having us in your class and for being my mentor. Thanks for connecting people to help them do what they love to do.




Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.23.40 PM.png

- Marina Diaz- Artist- "Hi there, it’s Marina!

Here’s the link to subscribe to my Patreon (web site). Patreon is a crowd funding site to help fund dreams and goals. I have begun to post creative and inspirational tutorials as well as artistic educational project tutorials for teachers. Some may not know this but I am also an art instructor. My mission/goal is to create art work and to inspire creativity for as many people as possible.

By donating $1 or more monthly you will help me to fulfill my mission in life. As a thank you, I am preparing specific offerings to my patrons.
I am having the time of my life, please join me.
Thank you,


Welcome to my Patreon page.
Hi, my name is Marina Diaz from South Pasadena, California. I am a professional studio multi-artist who has worked in my field for 25 years. I am launching my patreon page to help others make artwork and also to inspire creativity. Sharing my artwork, knowledge and inspiration is something I do naturally and often. As a patreon subscriber you will have access to my step-by-step time lapse video tutorials on art making using various mediums.  Using oil and acrylic and water colors paint, also oil and chalk pastels. I am a leader at inspiration, I am also offering creativity coaching. I am including inspirational videos on how to keep your artwork flowing. In the tutorials you will see my creative endeavors, such as making leather handbags, easy earrings and necklaces, easy knitting projects like purses and scarves. However a lot of work and time is needed to make  one video.  This is where I need your help your support. Your support will provide me with funds that I need to purchase art supplies, a better computer and filming equipment to help me make more videos and give me more time to produce more artwork and help with my monthly expenses so I can work as an artist full time.  As a thank you I will be offering high-quality digital prints of my art work, and longer time-lapse videos with step-by-step instructions. Monthly giveaways. Thank you !!


- Ailene Michel-  “Tony, and thanks for keeping me in your newsletters. I love seeing everyone moving and doing things even after Art Center.  I'm looking for a painting teacher who can come to our Porter Ranch classroom 2-4 times a month to teach a 2-1/2 to 3 hour class in Porter Ranch. The criteria is that they are a skilled painter, that they love what they do and that they like people. Ideally someone good with both adults and children. Do you have anyone in mind? Thanks so much and big hugs from me and the family.”


P..S. Knowledge and skill in both acrylic paints and watercolor. Thanks again!



- Holly Peters, Principal Pasadena Photography Arts-

Pasadena Photography Arts presents FORUM: Symbols & Meaning in Film and Television
Join us for a lively presentation from photographer Charles Edwards as we explore the artistic symbols and meanings found in film and television.
We will discuss iconic images in the entertainment media and its use of elements, color, and composition to help drive the narrative of the storyline.
This is a free event but you MUST RSVP. Click the Link to RSVP on Eventbrite

Sponsored and produced by PasadenaPhotographyArts
An EMERGENCE Project of
City of Pasadena

February 8, 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Armory Center For the Arts
45 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103
145 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

Made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission
and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division


(Editor’s note: The following is a correction to the article in last month’s Tony Luna Creative- Update announcing a new Game Design Track offered through the ArtCenter degree program and not through the ArtCenter at Night/Public Programs. Please accept apologies for any misrepresentation.)

- Dana Walker, Managing Director, Public Programs- “Hi Tony, Happy New Year! Just wanted to clarify one item that was in the recent TLC Update: The new Game Design program is not offered through ArtCenter at Night/Public Programs – this new track will be offered through the College’s full-time Bachelor’s degree program (part of the Entertainment Design program.)


Dana Walker-Juick
Managing Director, Public Programs
Director, ArtCenter at Night



(Editor’s note: Below is a sampling of the jobs in art related fields available through Academic Keyes. For more job listings click on their Facebook link.)

- Andrea McCarthy, Academic Keyes- University jobs in Art - Photography, and other related areas

 Dear Professor Luna,
    This month's issue of AcademicKeys' e-Flier for Fine Arts features 35 faculty openings, 16 senior administrative positions, and 0 post-doc opportunities and links to hundreds more positions in higher education.

Issue: Fine Arts Jan. 30th, 2018

This AcademicKeys e-Flier contains higher education positions in:
- Art - Photography

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  Assistant/Associate Prof. - Time and Movement (Foundation)
  Pratt Institute
  Brooklyn, NY,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 2, 2017

  Assoc. Professor, Director, Museum Studies Department; Pr...
  University of the Arts
  Museum Studies Program
  Philadelphia, PA,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 1, 2017

  Dean of Graduate Studies
  College for Creative Studies
  Graduate Studies
  Detriot, MI,    United States
  Date Posted: Oct. 16, 2017

  Faculty and Chair Positions in Architecture
  University of Virginia
  School of Architecture
  Charlottesville, VA,    United States
  Date Posted: Oct. 9, 2017


                     ACADEMIC POSITIONS

  Assistant Professor of Photography
  California State University, Los Angeles
  Department of Art
  Los Angeles, CA,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 8, 2017

  Assistant/Associate Professor of Sculpture
  Indiana University, Bloomington
  The School of Art, Architecture + Design
  Bloomington, IN,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 1, 2017

  Lecturer in Media Production: Audio and Video
  University of Sydney
  Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  Sydney, New South Wales,    Australia
  Date Posted: Oct. 30, 2017

  Film Production, Assistant Professor
  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  Department of Film
  Las Vegas, NV,    United States
  Date Posted: Oct. 23, 2017

  Assistant Professor in Media Design
  California State University, Los Angeles
  Film, Television, and Media
  Los Angeles, CA,    United States
  Date Posted: Oct. 18, 2017

  Regular/Visiting Appointment | Open Rank (Multiple Positi...
  American University of Sharjah
  College of Architecture, Art and Design
  Sharjah,    United Arab Emirates
  Date Posted: Oct. 16, 2017

  Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Photography
  George Mason University
  School of Art
  Fairfax, VA,    United States
  Date Posted: Oct. 9, 2017

  Andrew W. Mellon Asst. Prof. of Digital Art and New Media
  Vanderbilt University
  Department of Art
  Nashville, TN,    United States
  Date Posted: Oct. 9, 2017

  NEW! - Teaching Fellowship, History of Illustration
  Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
  Art History
  Baltimore, MD,    United States
  Date Posted: Jan. 29, 2018

  NEW! - Academic Coordinators (P.hD. holders)
  University Of Sharjah
  College of Fine Arts and Design
  Sharjah,    United Arab Emirates
  Date Posted: Jan. 29, 2018

  NEW! - Asst. Professor Graphic Design/Digital Foundations
  Colorado State University
  Department of Art and Art History
  Fort Collins, CO,    United States
  Date Posted: Jan. 2, 2018

  Assistant/Associate Professor of Illustration
  University of Hartford
  Illustration Department, Hartford Art School
  West Hartford, CT,    United States
  Date Posted: Dec. 1, 2017

  Assistant/Associate Professor, Film|Animation|Video
  Rhode Island School of Design
  Providence, RI,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 29, 2017

  Anticipated Tenure-Track Faculty Positions 2018-2019 (Arc...
  Kean University
  School of Public Architecture
  Union, NJ,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 27, 2017

  Assistant Professor of Photography
  Cornell University
  The Dept. of Art in the Coll. of Architecture, Art, and P...
  Ithaca, NY,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 21, 2017

  Asst. Prof. of Media Design Tech. and Fabrication - Tenur...
  University of Houston
  Architecture and Design
  Houston, TX,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 17, 2017

  Tenure Track Assistant Professor - Digital Media Design
  San Francisco State University
  School of Design
  San Francisco, CA,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 13, 2017

  Associate Professor and Coordinator, Film
  University of Central Florida
  School of Visual Arts & Design
  Orlando, FL,    United States
  Date Posted: Nov. 13, 2017

To view more academic jobs, visit:


    Andrea McCarthy
    Academic Keys, LLC
    1066 Storrs Road, Suite D
    Storrs, CT 06268

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