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- PasadenaPhotography Arts, OPEN SHOW- You are invited to show you photographic talents in the OPEN SHOW presented by PasadenaPhotography Arts. The show will be Thursday, July 13 at the Jackie Robinson Center in Pasadena, and photographic project submissions are free, however the Deadline for submission is July 3! so contact them at as soon as you can!…

- Randii Oliver is ecstatic to let us know that some of her early digital artwork is now part of a Digital Art collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England! And she is also showing her art at the Hastings Branch Library July 1-31, in Pasadena. We are very proud of your accomplishments Randii!…

- Robyn Young has started a brand strategy and design studio and is offering to conduct “…actual in-person meet-ups to keep in touch with peeps (Facebook be damned). Because I’m a rebel like that.” You can schedule a 30 minute coffee meet-up, or a 20 minute phone call to discuss your brand strategy and she will sweeten the deal by offering you a free day in an exquisite co-working space in DTLA

- Charley W. Bush wrote a very moving article in honor of our dear colleague Dr. Soren Petersen which appeared in the Huffington Post. Please take the time to read our reprint and try to carry on the legacy of our talented, driven, intelligent, and loving man who we were honored to know as our friend. 

- Marysia Petersen kindly sent in a link to the video of the ceremony in celebration of the life of Soren Petersen which took place May 13 at the ArtCenter College of Design. 



-                                       PasadenaPhotography Arts
                           Invites you to submit photography and attend
                                    Open Show-Pasadena East LA #15

Note: There is no Theme for this show
open to your creative interpretation

Thursday, July 13, 2017, 7:00pm
Jackie Robinson Center, 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA

At each Open Show presenters from students to award-winning professionals will show and discuss with the audience their photographic or video project based on a narrative, topic or single visual style that can be from diverse genres including reportage, are, commercial, historical and others

(Photographic Project Submissions are Free)
Deadline for Submission July 3rd.
Go to the Open Show website -> Open Show-Pasadena East LA
We hope Open Show-Pasadena East LA will strengthen our photography community and bring together the public and artistic community in a discussion of photography.


- Randii Oliver, Shamanic Fine Artist- “Hi Tony, I'm stunned and I need to share!!!!!  I just found out that some of my early digital artwork is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, as part of a Digital Art collection that was gifted by art historian, Patric Prince. Patric is an old friend of mine whom I have lost touch with. She taught at Cal State LA, when I was a grad student there, and I was in several seminal digital art shows that she curated. I helped to run the Cyberspace Gallery in Los Angeles at it's inception in 1991, which she co-created with Michael Masucci.

I've been hidden away for so long!!!!!!! Never did I expect to have my artwork in a museum as part of the history of Computer Graphics! WOW!!!!!!!!!  I’m SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!  LOL!!!!!”

(And in a follow-up email…)

“Hi Tony, Attached is my digital image, ‘Mann’, which is one of the images included in the Victoria and Albert Museum permanent collection…   I also have the dates for the Hastings Branch Library show in Pasadena:”

Liz Crimzon at the Hastings Branch Library
July 1st through 31st.
Hastings Branch Library

3325 E Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, CA
(626) 744-7262

Thanks for supporting me.

Randii Oliver, aka Liz Crimzon


- Robyn Young, Brand Strategy and Design Consultant- “Hey Tony, ICYMI, I’m breaking with tradition! Yep, I said it. I am using actual in-person meet-ups to keep in touch with peeps (Facebook be damned). Because I’m a rebel like that.


I’ve started a brand strategy studio,, and looking to get the word out with the people I value most; my personal network. To celebrate, I’m inviting you to meet me for coffee in person to play catch up!

For the next three weeks, I’m scheduling individual meet-ups with a all of my Los Angeles based contacts in person (or via conference call for anyone out of the area or unable to meet) to catch up on what you are up to and tell you about my business in the hopes that we can create some synergy. No obligations, no expectations, just a chance for some face time.

My Gift To You

To make this meet-up even sweeter for you, I’ll gift you a free day of co-working at this INCREDIBLE co-working space,, just for taking the time to meet with me! You can either use it for yourself or offer it up to someone in need of a change of scenery.

I’m in! Let’s Chat!

Choose whichever works for you, a 20 minute phone call or a 45 minute meet-up at my office in DTLA!

30 Min Coffee Meet-up:
20 Min Call:

About Us
Robyn Young & Co ,, is a brand strategy + design studio based in Los Angeles. We create bold brands out of our client’s passion projects. Driven by grassroots efforts and guerrilla style campaigns that create buzz and build brand awareness. We don’t don’t buy followers. We find and engage die hard fans.


(Editor’s note: The following Memorial article in honor of our dear colleague and friend Soren Petersen by Charley W. Bush, appeared in the Huffington Post, June 2.)

Soren Ingomar Petersen: One of the great design pioneers and mentors of our generation
In honor of Soren, this will be under 1000 words: short, joyful, and honest.
Soren, of course would have taken closer to 10,000 words. In Soren’s case all those words have been a testament to his generosity and joy in collaborating with people. I am now not just a better design researcher. Because of Soren I am kinder, more capable of experiencing joy, and have seen, first hand, what it takes to make a positive dent in the universe.
Soren accomplished more in his life than anyone thought he was capable of. As a dyslexic child in Denmark, he was told he was too “dumb” to go to school. His final position was as Dean of Academic Affairs at Niels Brock International, Denmark’s oldest and most recognized business school. I once asked him what positive changes he felt responsible for. I’ve done my best to remember what he said:
He first mentioned being on the team that created the first, non-military, Heads-Up-Displays [HUD] for race car drivers. In an effort to improve the safety of his team’s driver he laid the groundwork for what we call Augmented or Virtual Reality. Soren’ simply said, “I worked on the first Heads-Up-Display… That was so cool, I got to meet Ralf Schumacher!”
The second thing he said he was proud of was his work validating design’s impact on business. This is modest. Soren was to design what Steve Wozniak was to computers. After receiving a degree in both engineering and design, he spent over three decades researching design, (10 years working at BMW), and received a PhD from Stanford in Design Quantification. When Soren began his career, design was seen as a disposable service. While many people helped make it essential to business, very few could show how. By studying successful methods from design, engineering and business, Soren created an algorithm able to predict an entrepreneur’s chances of receiving initial funding that was accurate close to 80% of the time. Soren validated that design was a quantifiable science as well as an art form.
Soren and his wife, Marysia, began “Crowd-sourcing” long before the term was coined. In the days when computers were green type on black screens, he came across an automobile chat room and became fascinated with the way people shared things and collected feedback for a car company he was working for. One day after hours of waiting for someone to mention his company, he said he was about to give up when Marysia came in to let him know dinner was ready. After he explained what he was trying to do, she asked if she could add a comment. Marysia jumped on the computer and asked what people thought of his company. Then they went to eat. When he returned to the screen, hundreds of comments awaited. The car company wasn’t quite prepared to hear how much customers disliked their cars, but Soren pioneered part of what would eventually become CrowdSourcing
(Editor’s note: To read the rest of this inspiring article click on,


(Editor’s note: Marysia was kind enough to send along a link to the video of the memorial service for Soren. See and hear how this wonderful man embraced life as told by family and friends.)


Dear Friends and Family,

Soren's memorial service was a  wonderful celebration of his life...
Below is the HD video link of the memorial on May 13th.

That’s it for now. Those are some of the amazing things these incredible artists in our creative circle are creating. Please continue to support the members of our creative community as they design meaning within their careers. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

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