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The following are the headlines of this month’s emails sent in by our friends who are creating and evolving their own meaningful careers. Be inspired by their accomplishments and take your career to the next level!

-  Editor’s Note: At first I thought no one would show up at our January 12th. SchmoozeFest because we were hit with an unusual rain storm that night. But to my surprise a handful of intrepid members of our community showed up and we had a spirited meeting!…

- 2017 has started off with a new term at ArtCenter at Night and a new session for “Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One- Discovering the Dream.” This is one of our larger classes and it is a delight to see their enthusiasm. We look forward to great things coming out of our class…

- Gail Howland’s wonderful work as a faculty member of ArtCenter for Kids was featured in an article in ArtCenter’s “Storyboard” news. In reading her story you may find that you share similar passions for art and teaching. Thank you Gail for being such an inspiration…. 

- The trailer for Gail Mooney’s latest film, “Breaking Barriers Like a Woman” recently went viral on Facebook and, “In a little over three days it has reached almost 800,000 people, been watched by over 300,000 people and shared 4,400 times! The audience response is still growing.” Thank you Gail for another outstanding documentary!
Like A Woman Facebook page:

- Pete Van Law updates on his latest fascinating research regarding his family history titled, “For the Life of Me” with the story, “What will the Natzler’s Treasures Reveal?”
You may also still contribute to the Indigogo account to help fund this important work,

Those were the headlines, now here are the extended inspirational stories of the accomplishments of our creative community members:

-  At first I thought no one would show at our because we were hit with an unusual rain storm the night of or January SchmoozeFest. But to my surprise a handful of intrepid members of our community showed up and we had a spirited meeting. We had attendees brave the elements from as far away as Newberry Park, Sunset Beach, and even Escondido!

(Above two photos by Photographer Lawrence Creandall)

- Our current Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One class has nine highly motivated and sophisticated members. We look forward to some lively discussions as we assist the members along in their adventure towards career retooling and self discovery. If you are interested in becoming a part of our classes please feel free to contact ArtCenter at Night, 626-396-2319, or clicking on


- Gail Howland, Photographer, Faculty, ArtCenter for Kids- (Editor’s Note: the following are excerpts from an ArtCenter College of Design’s “Storyboard” article:)

Dear Friends of ArtCenter,
When I told my colleagues that I was considering getting my second degree at ArtCenter College of Design, some of them couldn’t quite wrap their head around the concept. They were familiar with ArtCenter and were aware of its reputation of having a demanding standard along with an intense curriculum. I certainly don’t remember having as heavy a workload during my undergraduate tenure at Berkeley.

There’s a reason that students come from all over the country to attend classes here. And it's not just rigor for the sake of rigor alone – far from it. Rather, it is this simple fact: when you leave ArtCenter, you feel like you can do anything – because, in a way, you can. Looking back, like so many of my peers who eventually ended up at ArtCenter, the seeds for my life as a creative were planted early. I knew I wasn’t interested in science or math – it was performing and the world of visual arts that fascinated me. It took a while to figure out what I was good at. I began studying ballet at a young age and eventually majored in Art History, both passions that I continue to explore to this day. After graduation, I came to discover what would be my defining passion and creative preoccupation: photography. I began by taking images of artists on stage before eventually focusing my concentration on portraiture. The idea that this could be a viable career option hadn’t occurred to me yet – it was initially a creative endeavor that I simply felt compelled to participate in.

ArtCenter taught me there was a career in photography. The College also provided a sort of meeting ground where I could interact with like-minded individuals who shared my same creative priorities and preoccupations. Over the years, one of my greatest joys has been being connected with the amazing folks who make up our alumni population. To call myself lucky in this regard would be an understatement.

Currently, I’m faculty in the ArtCenter for Kids program where I have been teaching black-and-white photography to children ages 10-14. It’s an incredible process to witness these young students, many of whom are operating from a place of pure artistic creation. They’re not old enough yet to know what the world thinks of them or their art, and thus, that preconception doesn’t color the work itself. Proper schooling and the quote-unquote ‘way to do things’ take a backseat to imagination and outside-the-box thinking...

Ultimately, it takes a lot of non-creative work to be a creative. Taking an art class should be as essential as taking a math or science class because it teaches you how to build a perspective. Giving these young people the tool kit necessary to forge their own creative point of view is truly gratifying. That same sensation I experienced all those years ago – that feeling that I could do anything – is something I see blossoming in the minds of my students, day in and day out. I hope you will consider supporting ArtCenter so these young artists may continue developing their creative perspectives.

Yours truly,
Gail Howland
BFA 2004 Photography
Faculty, ArtCenter for Kids


- Gail Mooney, Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker- (From the press release announcing Gail’s latest film “Breaking Barriers Like a Woman”:)

For Immediate Release:

This past weekend I watched a video that we produced went viral on Facebook. In a little over three days it has reached almost 800,000 people, been watched by over 300,000 people and shared 4,400 times! The audience response is still growing.

Our short video, about female helicopter pilot Captain Natalie Jones is currently the only commercial female helicopter captain in the world. This video is part of a series about women who are working in typically male professions. It was solicited by “Vertical Magazine” where it has gained significant traction and has greatly expanded the reach and message of our series “Breaking Barriers Like a Woman.”
Like A Woman Facebook page:

Gail Mooney - director: “As a female photographer and filmmaker, I’ve spent a lifetime in a male dominated profession. Things have improved over the past three decades since I’ve been in business, but women have a ways to go as far as getting equal pay and opportunities.”
She is co-founder of Kelly/Mooney Productions, a corporate, advertising production company located in the NY metro area delivering storytelling visual solution with still photography and video.

Contact: Gail Mooney  / 201-317-9048  /


- Pete Van Law, Producer, Documentary Filmmaker- What will the Natzler’s Treasures Reveal?

“I thought I’d exhausted the subject of the Natzlers and moved on to stories of my other relatives’ along with personal stories from a number of our readers.
But then a few a few months ago I got a cryptic email from a stranger named David D. In it he said that he had inherited some of Marlies Natzler’s photos, letters and more, all stored in a garage in West Los Angeles. He asked if I would be interested in seeing them. “Yes, of course”, I said, with a level of growing enthusiasm. Ever since I rediscovered Marlies Natzler, I found more questions about her family’s history than I found answers. So, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Go to the following link to read more about Pete’s fantastic journey to discover his past:

It’s not too late to donate to the Indiegogo campaign and send copies of “For the Life of Me” to schools and religious institutions of your choice.


That’s it for now, and that’s quite a bit to think about. Those are some of the amazing things these incredible artists in our creative circle are creating. Please continue to support the members of our creative community as they design meaning within their careers. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

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