Welcome to our Inspiration section. Inspiration comes in many forms, but it happens most frequently when our minds and hearts are open to receiving it. We hope you will find inspiration in the comments included in this section. The Success Stories starts out featuring the accomplishments of some of our colleagues as they have recently moved from an idea expressed in one of our venues to a completed goal. It is sort of a Gallery of Achievements, along with our blog, honoring their perseverance and talents.  The second segment is comprised of testimonials from people who have taken our classes, or who have been involved in consultations, workshops, or events for our creative community. Take in a deep breath and allow yourself to be uplifted and encouraged by their stories.


Stephanie and Laura finally meet at a SchmoozeFest after months of communicating through emails. And Laura shares her amazing "The exotic journey of the heart" on her laurasmagicday blog.


Photographer Sal Ochoa presents his moving images in his photo narrative, "Suenos Migrantes: The Journey Home" chronicling the stories of migrants from Las Estacas, Michoacan, Mexico.